Modern Montegrappa Pens


The Espressione

In my opinion the real successor to the round bodied Reminiscence pens was the recently discontinued Espressione.

It's a large pen with a Sterling silver section, cap band, clip and endcap and the body is threaded for posting the cap like the Reminiscence pens instead of the resin endcap found on the Eleganza/Privilege/Privilege Deco/Cosmopolitan pens.

The nibs are fully plated 18k with the Greek Key motif; this one is a John Mottishaw stub on my brown Espressione.

After the Espressione had been availble for a few years Montegrappa added a version with a full Sterling silver cap to the line called the Espressione Duetto.

As mentioned above, the Espressione line are large bodied pens and neither small nor dainty. Here is my blue Espressione next to one of my Montblanc 149s.

There is a new Espressione now, slightly slimmer and with octagonal bands and cap crown that comes with a steel nib instead of 18k gold. I do not yet have one but those who have tried it say it is typical Montegrappa quality.