Modern Montegrappa Pens


The Reminiscence line

While the 300 and 400 lines were an homage to pens of the 1930s, the Reminiscence harkens back even further, to the time when Italy entered the First World War. The US was still two long years away from entering the war. The Reminiscence was based on a model Montegrappa made in 1915; the series was introduced in 1983 and it was the flagship collection, available in several different styles and sizes. There were Octagonal models and Round models. Each came in a large and slim size and in a plain or engraved finish.

A major feature of the Reminiscence pens was that the body was threaded so that the cap could be screwed in place when posting.

Shortly after the Reminiscence Octagonal and Round precious metal pens the precious metal and enamel and precious metal 300 and 400 pens were renamed and included in the line though it may have been only in particular markets.

The earliest Reminiscence pens came with an ebonite section but they soon changed to a Sterling silver section. The Sterling silver section appeared in the second year of production in the Octagonal pens and soon also in the round pens.

Based on the nibs and sections in the pictures above, the vermiel octagonal Reminiscence would be a first year (ebonite section and old style nib) while the round Reminiscence is slightly later (ebonite section but new style nib). Note the detailed Guiloché on the round body as opposed to the Greek Key on the octagonal pen.

All of the Reminiscence pens were the same length ...

... but they varied in width. In the picture below we can see the Juliet from the 1995 Romeo & Juliet Limited Edition which is based on the slim round Reminiscence next to a full size round Reminiscence.

Remember the family chart? The Reminiscence series evolved into several lines, the Octagonal series into the Eleganza, then the Privilege and into the current Privilege Deco. The round series was the basis of many limited editions but eventually evolved into the Espressione. The round equivalent of the Eleganza was the Cosmopolitan series and other limited editions.

The Eleganza line