Montegrappa Round Reminiscence and Heritage


What happened with the round models?

The round guilloché bodied Reminiscence pens were among the prettiest models Montegrappa ever made.

The engraving is subtle and sophisticated, understated but both good looking and feeling great in hand.

The second generation of the round Reminiscence line was called the Heritage and featured a complex guilloché pattern similar to what we saw on the 302 and 402 pens of the 70s.

Like the transition from the octagonal Reminiscence to the Eleganza, the round Reminiscence too evolved adopting the resin features but in Limited Editions only. The first and longest lasting has been the Cosmopolitan series.

There have been several series of "Cosmopolitan". The first series was introduced in 1997 and included the six pens shown in the introductory pages above and was limited to 500 pens of each design.

Each of the six unique patterns etched in low relief engraving reflects the highest aesthetic standards of the artistic worlds they capture: Africa, Gothic, Baroque, Arabian, Chinese and Japanese.

The Africa fountain pen highlights the beauty of geometric tribal motifs surrounding a silhouette panel of the Dark Continent.

The Gothic features ornate tracery evoking the intricacies of medieval cathedrals.

The Baroque reflects the lush ornamentalism of the period with its curvaceous lines and architectural flourishes.

The exotic geometric tile patterns of the Near EAST inspires the pattern of Arabian with its Escher-like intricacy.

The Chinese design features auspicious engraved ideograms promoting prosperity and happiness within its complex Oriental geometry.

Like an exquisite antique text, the Japanese design showcases the beauty of Cranes in flight against an ornate sky punctuated by stylized leaves.

The second series came out the next year and included only four designs:

Art Nouveau

During the Richemont years only three Cosmopolitan pens were introduced, Russia in 2002, Journey on the River Rhine in 2003 and the 1849 East/West in 2004.

The latest in the family is the 2011 series:

Arabian, Animal of the Desert
Bohemian Paris
China's Ancient Gods
Mount Rushmore
Victorian London

The Espressione